SYHA Youth Programmes are now linked with Children’s University Scotland, a national charity that seeks to engage young people in learning outside the classroom. This partnership will provide an extra incentive for young people to engage in outdoor learning, to step outside their comfort zone, and to build their confidence, teamwork and communication skills along the way.

Raising Aspirations with Children's University Scotland

Children’s University Scotland encourages young people aged 5-14, to take part in exciting voluntary activities outside normal school hours, and provides an accreditation framework through which each child’s wider achievements can be celebrated.

While open to any child, Children’s University focuses on those who will benefit the most. Children’s University members are provided with a personal Passport to Learning in which they can collect credits to record their activities, leading to certificates, awards and graduation events.

The partnership will mean that any CU member who takes part in one of the SYHA Youth Programmes, or who visits a centre in Scotland as part of a family trip, can receive credits in their Passport in recognition of the educational value of their experiences. This collaboration reflects the shared aims of SYHA and Children’s University Scotland in broadening horizons and raising the self-confidence, social awareness and aspirations of young people across Scotland.

Search the keyword "SYHA" on the "Find a Learning Destination" page ( for a full list of Scottish Youth Hostels taking part in the partnership along with suggested activities to take part in during your stay.