“Carbisdale Castle is under offer but the conveyancing process is not concluded. Scottish Youth Hostels Association (SYHA) has sought a purchaser who will provide the correct level of investment to make the Castle sustainable in the long term. SYHA is a registered charity and a not-for-profit organisation.”

“Carbisdale Castle, related land, and the contents of the castle, were gifted unconditionally and SYHA owns them outright. The transfer of the land and buildings is detailed in a 1947 deed (or disposition), the effect of which was back-dated to 1944. The disposition is held in the public domain and is available from the Registers of Scotland. As is the norm, the disposition did not make any reference to the contents, although the contents did transfer to SYHA at the same time. We are not aware of any additional document purporting to transfer the contents. The absence of such a document would not be at all unusual as title to moveable items can be transferred by simple delivery of the moveable items in question. “

“On several occasions over the last 70 years, SYHA has sold artwork, farms and forestry land in an endeavour to subsidise the running of the castle. It has been a privilege for SYHA to have been the custodian of Carbisdale Castle and its contents over this period, enabling our members and guests to experience living in a castle. SYHA, as a self-funding registered charity, has a responsibility to manage appropriately its assets for the good of the organisation. The proceeds of the sale will be used to sustain SYHA's diverse youth hostel network of affordable fit-for-purpose accommodation, allowing everyone, but especially young people, to learn and experience what Scotland has to offer.”