Scotland in Six


On World Heritage Day 2017, Scotland will celebrate its six iconic World Heritage Sites with six exciting events taking place from dawn to dusk. 

  • In Edinburgh Old and New Town, music with flood the streets as the day begins, including a Battle of the Bands events.
  • In the Western Isles, participants build, excavate and explore St Kilda through the popular Minecraft video game. 
  • At the Forth Bridge events include three minute 1980s festival pop-ups and a steampunk surprise.
  • New Lanark will be covered in colourful cotton as knitters and crocheters descend.
  • Over at the Antonine Wall, Picts chase down Romans over a 5k race, ending with a Great Roman Bake Off for everyone.
  • As the sun set a gathering will begin at the Heart of Neolithic Orkney for a glow-in-the-dark evening of storytelling, food and music. 

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Where Edinburgh & locations across Scotland

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