Biography for Neil Robertson

Neil Robertson is a travel writer, blogger and itinerary planner specialising in his home country of Scotland. Continuously working with some of the top brands in the Scottish tourism industry he is also a member of the Scotlanders blogging collaboration that tour the country picking out the best bits for our visitors. Follow his Scotland travel blog - - and join him on social media to keep up with his travels.

  • Things to do near Portree – Exploring the Trotternish Peninsula

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    Taking a wander around Portree, immersing yourself in the constant bustling energy of the place as travellers come and go, it is impossible not to relish the mouth-watering prospect of imminently taking in Scotland at its naturally dramatic best.   Portree Visitors are either brimming with...

  • Getting out and about near Glenbrittle

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    If you long for an escape from the hubbub of 21st century life, then the remoteness and dramatic scenery of Glenbrittle could be just the thing you’re looking for. With Skye as popular as it is as a travel destination, it is a wonder that such a spot still exists. Glenbrittle Youth Hostel is one of...

  • Exploring the Inverness area

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    Inverness Youth Hostel comes with so many possibilities. Offering the high standards of cleanliness and quality facilities that I’ve come to expect from my travels around Scotland, the common areas and cooking equipment are particularly flawless and cover everything that a Highland traveller will...