Biography for DigIt! 2015

Dig It! 2015 is co-ordinated by two charities – the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland and Archaeology Scotland. The Society promotes research into the past and Archaeology Scotland focuses on education, promotion and support of our archaeological heritage. We are supported by a range of partners, including local authorities, societies, universities, national agencies, societies, museums, and commercial companies. Historic Scotland have provided funding support and the idea for Dig It! originally came from Glasgow Life and the Hunterian Museum.

  • Dig It 2015

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    Guest post by Julianne McGraw. Dig It! 2015 has begun and you’re invited to join in with the year-long celebration of Scottish archaeology! After all, archaeology is about you, me and all the people who’ve gone before us. It’s about identities and a sense of belonging. It’s about getting muddy –...

  • Archaeology Across Glasgow

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    History is about to be unearthed in Glasgow! Between archaeological art, exhibitions and digs, visitors to the city are in for a treat this September. As part of the 21st European Association of Archaeologists’ Annual Conference, the ‘Our Place in Time Arts Festival’ will bring our heritage out...