Lost and Found

Betty Blue went missing on July 6th. Having searched high and low we could not find her anywhere. However, a couple of days later Dave found her wedged into a tiny gap between the fence and the coop! Betty was in quite a state, she had even laid a pile of eggs whilst she was stuck! It took a couple of weeks but Betty is finally back to normal although sadly we discovered soon after that Betty is going blind. Now she just needs a little extra help finding her food as well as accepting a few more cuddles.

The Girls Getaway

The girls are getting a change scenery and going on a long holiday to a Croft in the far northwest of Scotland. On the night of Sept 20th Caroline, Dave and Volunteer Melina took upon themselves a stealth mission – stealing the girls and boys away from the coop when they were asleep and transporting them to the north meaning they awoke in the morning to a new place far, far away. The harsh winter of Cairngorm will be a distant memory to them in their new home, a paradise by the coast. The staff at Cairngorm Lodge will will very much miss the girls and boys but know they will be very well looked after at their new home at the Croft. 

Lastly, some sad news...

We were very sad to hear that on the 17th of September, we lost our little Gertie Green after she wandered off to the visitor centre and was involved in an incident with a dog. She will be missed by all the staff at Cairngorm Lodge and visitors alike. RIP Gertie Green.

Biography for Hostelling Scotland

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