My name is Yannik, I’m from Germany, and I’m currently volunteering with SYHA Hostelling Scotland for one year. Back in February, Lee (a colleague from Oban Youth Hostel) and I spent three days in Loch Ossian, one of the most remote youth hostels in the SYHA network.


Loch Ossian is part of the Lochaber group and was awarded Gold by the Green Tourism Business Scheme. The only way to get to the youth hostel is by train and foot. You leave the train at Corrour station and walk, about a mile, until you reach the youth hostel. It is located right next to Loch Ossian and has many great walks around the loch and surrounding mountains.


We went shopping in Fort William before we left for the train as there is nowhere to buy groceries without having to take the train back again. Although, the youth hostel does stock a small number of 'Beyond the Beaten Track' ready meals and snacks. 


As soon as you arrive at Loch Ossian Youth Hostel you notice how different it is compared to the big city youth hostels. It has two dormitories with eight and twelve beds and no private rooms, all of the social activity is focused around the big common room with its lovely fireplace.

During our stay at the youth hostel, we ventured out on two great walks and met many interesting people - even though we had only just met the other guests, we talked all night and it felt like we had known each other for years. We were even invited to share a cheese platter and cooked breakfast. Staying at Loch Ossian felt great, like living in a small community that shares everything. A friendly, helpful and welcoming community.


Both of us would definitely recommend staying at Loch Ossian Youth Hostel if you get the chance! In today’s society, it feels liberating and very relaxing to be "off grid“ for a few days and spend those days talking to people instead of scrolling through Facebook or watching movies on Netflix. It was a great experience to meet so many open and welcoming people in such a short time and spend many happy hours together!

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