My name is Laura, I am currently volunteering for SYHA Hostelling Scotland as part of German volunteer placement organisation Sozialer Friedensdienst (known as SFD). Over the past seven months I have worked in Aberdeen and Glasgow Youth Hostels and now I am working and living in Edinburgh Central Youth Hostel, which makes me kind of a regular.

I often work in the mornings and have the afternoon free for discovering Edinburgh - my colleagues at the youth hostel are really helpful for tips on what I can do in and around the city.

Edinburgh has so much to offer, whether it is visiting one of the many tourists attractions or just walking in the Old Town. Because the youth hostel is located quite close to the city centre, you can reach everything quite well by foot.


My days off are spent travelling around Scotland; I've even taken a bus tour around the western Highlands where I had the incredible opportunity to feed wild deer near Glencoe.

A big hobby of mine is photography and Scotland offers more than enough opportunities to follow and even improve on that. I have already met many guests who share the same hobby and have joined them in taking pictures of the local area.

The youth hostels I have volunteered in so far are great places to meet people from all over the world, exchange ideas and travel tips, share homemade food and get some inspiration for the future.


A woman I got to know at Glasgow Youth Hostel later stayed in Edinburgh Central, where we met again. She suggested that I go to Newhaven, a lovely place at Edinburgh’s seaside, to watch the sunset. Edinburgh seems to be having an unusually warm spring this year and nice sunsets most of the time so it was totally worth it! 

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