Well it’s been an eventful summer for The Cairngorm 'Girls'…

Daftie White became unwell due to reasons unknown.  She managed to hang in there over the summer but a local cat started terrorising the girls, which didn’t do her nerves any good.  

A few days later a dog off a lead grabbed our lovely Priscilla.  Dogs are not allowed to be off the lead in the hostel garden at any time as, no matter how well behaved they are, we can never be certain they will not make a run for our chickens.  Both Girls are buried in the Glenmore Forest. RIP Daftie & Priscilla

On a more positive note, a new Cairngorm 'Girl' has joined the the group...


Olive is a wellsummer breed and was found wandering along on a dual carriageway by some friends of ours.  Having been brought back to Cairngorm Lodge Youth Hostel it took Olive a couple of weeks to find her way into the ‘pecking order’.  Her presence caused quite a rumpus in the coop at night too, however now all the girlies are living in harmony.

With the help of donations to the Chicken Fund we hope to have a new coop built for the winter to keep the 'Girls' warm & safe (or at least we’ll refurbish the old one).  We may also take in a few more Rescue Chickens to join the 'Girls' as not only is there safety in numbers, but it will also help generate more heat in the coop for the coming winter.

For now The Cairngorm 'Girls' remain as Olive, Prunella, Betty & Yolanda and they always welcome visitors to their patch.

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