Hey there! My name is Yannik, I’m one of the German volunteers at SYHA Hostelling. Right now, I’m staying and working in Oban, a lovely town on the west coast of Scotland. A lot of travellers use Oban to start their tours to the Inner and Outer Hebrides and many of these individuals or groups also stay at the youth hostel for one or more nights.

Although I’ve been to the sea in Germany and other European countries several times, living right on the coast is new for me. After being at the youth hostel for nearly two months, looking out of the dining room window to see a sunset over the sea is still stunning, as is running or hiking along the coast.

Oban has good connections to many islands. One of them is Kerrera, a small island you can see from the youth hostel’s front door. On one of my days off I jumped at the chance to explore the island. I took a small ferry boat, which was about an hour long walk from the youth hostel, and once I arrived on the island I followed a small path which first took me to Gylen Castle and before continuing around the island.

Being on Kerrera was really impressive. Even though it is close to Oban, it was unbelievably quiet and lovely. There are some houses on the island and the people living there have cars, but I only came across three cars on the whole day and I just saw them for a few minutes before the island returned to its silent state and left me alone with nature.

Another great hike from Oban took me to Loch Nell, a beautiful Loch which is only one hour away from town. Once again, even though the place was really close to town, it was incredibly quiet and very relaxing to walk there.

Some weeks ago, we had a group of German students staying at the youth hostel and one of the asked me if the nature around Oban was still exciting once you’ve been here for more than a few days on vacation. I can honestly say it is. The place feels like home for me and I really enjoy being here.

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