Hello! My name is Milena and I'm from Germany. Together with 8 other volunteers, I’m living and working in different youth hostels across the SYHA network for one year. This is the first of my Volunteering Diary entries, I'll be sharing more stories from my Scottish adventures so be sure to keep an eye out on the blog!

I spent the first three weeks of my volunteer placement at Rowardennan Lodge Youth Hostel, next to Loch Lomond and within walking distance to Ben Lomond, Scotland's most southernly Munro. There are two ways to the top of Ben Lomond - an easy and a more difficult one. I went with taking the easy route up and the other one down.

On the walk up it didn't take long before I was treated to beautiful views over the south of the loch and all the little isles.

As I reached the top, the view itself was worth the walk. Beautiful! I sat for a short while to enjoy the view and watch the sun start to go down over the loch before beginning my descent and arriving back at the youth hostel just before sunset. 

On my last day off, myself and another volunteer decided to walk to Inversnaid along part of the West Highland way – Scotland’s most famous long distance walking.

In Inversnaid we left the West Highland Way route and turned eastward, passing some flocks of sheep as the path continued beside the loch. We hadn’t met anyone else on our walk so far, possibly because the sky was rather cloudy and threatening to rain.

We walked as far as Stronachlachar at Loch Katrine and sat on a bench to take in the view.

Unfortunately, there was no more time to walk the path next to the loch and we had to head back the same way because of the high mountains and lochs in the area. The weather was ok and I was hoping that it wouldn't start to rain before we arrived back at the youth hostel.

We were in luck, the sky was full of clouds but it stayed dry for the walk back. We finally arrived back at the youth hostel ready for a good night’s sleep!

Thinking about volunteering with SYHA Hostelling Scotland? Find out more here. Rowardennan Lodge reopens fully March 2016, until then why not take advantage of our Exclusively yours...RentaHostel service with friends and family.

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