It has now been three months with SYHA Hostelling Scotland which means my marketing internship is nearly over. Time has passed so quickly yet I remember showing up on my first day to find the marketing team had kitted out my desk with a notebook, pens and a Hamish bear, which was such a nice way to start. This definitely set the tone for the rest of my internship as the team has been great; they took the time to teach me the ropes and have always been on hand if I've had any questions.


Also, with the marketing team being quite small, I have been able to see how all the areas of marketing work together which, as a marketing student, has been really helpful. I've had the chance to try things out with my role, such as updating the website and contributing ideas to the annual magazine. Not only will this all help for when I head back to university, it has also allowed me to see what areas of marketing I enjoy which will definitely help me in making career decisions later on.

My main role during my internship has been looking at several redevelopment and redesign projects to our youth hostels that will take place in the coming years, and seeing how SYHA can get students invloved with them. As we are still in the early stages of these projects, my role has invlolved a lot of research into how this can be achieved so that in a few months, hopefully some of them will be underway. Carrying out this research has been like piecing together a puzzle; it's been rewarding to see these projects progress as everything starts to fall into place.

Before starting here I have to admit that I didn't know a lot about hostelling and I haven't travelled much around Scotland. And before starting my internship I assumed that my time would be spent in the office. Although a lot of it has been, I have been lucky enough to travel to several of our youth hostels around the country. After seeing so many photographs on the website of our youth hostels surrounded by stunning Scottish landscape, it was great to see them for myself.


At the peak of Meall a' Bhuachaille in Cairgorm National Park

The highlight of my internship was a visit to Cairngorm Lodge Youth Hostel with our Digital Marketing Executive, Amy. We were there to take photographs and videos for a project which meant we were able to go on a four hour walking route around the Cairngorms where we climbed Meall a' Bhuachaille. At the peak we had incredible views of Cairngorm National Park which was definitely a change of scenery from the office.

The internship has not only been great for gaining an understanding of what a marketig role entails, it has also shown me that hostelling is a fun and affordable way to travel. The more I have researched, the more interested I have been in the services that SYHA offer and this has made my role even more interesting. Before returning to university I hope to go on my own #SYHAdventure to see some of the amazing places around Scotland that I have been admiring from the office. I'm grateful for being given this opportunity and I have to thank Santander and the Career Development Centre at the University of Stirling for providing it.

Biography for Monika Gopal

Monika is a marketing student currently studying at the University of Stirling and about to enter into her third year of studies. As an SYHA intern Monika spent the summer assisting the marketing team by undertaking research for the variety of projects and campaigns run by SYHA.

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