History is about to be unearthed in Glasgow! Between archaeological art, exhibitions and digs, visitors to the city are in for a treat this September.

As part of the 21st European Association of Archaeologists’ Annual Conference, the ‘Our Place in Time Arts Festival’ will bring our heritage out into the streets of Glasgow. Sculpture, films, festivities and photography exploring the theme of archaeology will be scattered throughout the city and everyone is invited to join in.

Stop by Glasgow Cathedral and Govan Old Parish Church to take a peek at ‘Wandering Home’, an exhibition of new photographs by celebrated landscape photographer, Thomas Joshua Cooper. From 29 August to 30 September, enjoy these stunning pictures made at sites of importance for local Celtic Saints, such as Ninian and Columba. Take a moment to explore the beautiful medieval crypt at Glasgow Cathedral or admire the intricate carvings on the sarcophagus and huge Viking hogback stones at Govan Old Parish Church.


Govan Sarcophagus at Govan Old Parish Church (© Govan Stones)

Head over to University Avenue at the University of Glasgow where the winners of Dig Art! 2015 will be displayed on massive banners. This art and photography competition received hundreds of archaeology-inspired entries from across Scotland, ranging from paintings and photographs, to cakes and cartoons!


Misty Morning Start – Dig Art! 2015 participant (© Lynn Fraser)


Exploring Skara Brae and Skaill House, Orkney – Dig Art! 2015 participant (© Hugo Anderson-Whymark)

Be sure to check out the newly commissioned films and sculptures as part of this exciting programme. ‘The Pilgrims' Crozier’, for example, is topped with a Celtic beast and tells a story of the three ages of archaeology through stone, iron and bronze. Two short films, 'Tracing Stories' and 'Fashioned Earth', will explore how archaeology has inspired art and literature, from Walter Scott and Alexander McCall Smith to painter, Wilhelmina Barns-Graham. They’ll also highlight unique, giant sand drawings from sites across Scotland!

Forgandenny Sand Drawing, Dunning Archaeological Dig (© Kate Robinson)

Once you’ve finished exploring the Festival, drop by the Hunterian Art Gallery to delve into the ‘Cradle of Scotland’. This free exhibition combines archaeology and cutting-edge technology to reveal the beginnings of Scotland through Forteviot, a royal residence of both the Pictish kings and the first kings of Alba. Don’t miss the Bronze Age Forteviot Dagger, Roman bangles from Castle Craig broch or 3D animation of Constantine’s Cross. ‘Cradle of Scotland’ will only be on show in Glasgow from 3 September to 3 January before it moves to Perth, so don’t miss out!


Forteviot Dagger (© The Hunterian, University of Glasgow 2015)

If you’re feeling inspired, hop on the train to Dean Castle and Country Park to join the archaeologists. Rathmell Archaeology will be running the second phase of their exciting De Walden Dig on 5 and 6 September, and they’ve invited you to come along. Simply book your space, grab your trowel, and prepare to have some (muddy) fun.


Track and Barrow – Dig Art! 2015 participant (© Paul Musgrove)

Lots of additional events will be announced throughout September, so keep an eye on the Dig It! 2015 website at www.digit2015.com!

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Biography for DigIt! 2015

Dig It! 2015 is co-ordinated by two charities – the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland and Archaeology Scotland. The Society promotes research into the past and Archaeology Scotland focuses on education, promotion and support of our archaeological heritage. We are supported by a range of partners, including local authorities, societies, universities, national agencies, societies, museums, and commercial companies. Historic Scotland have provided funding support and the idea for Dig It! originally came from Glasgow Life and the Hunterian Museum.

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