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At SYHA Hostelling Scotland we believe in the importance of enabling all young people to learn about Scotland’s landscape and heritage in a memorable and engaging way. In order to achieve this SYHA have created a number of youth programmes and funded opportunities at some of Scotland’s most iconic and stunning locations.

STE(A)M in the Outdoors

Outdoor learning is an ideal way to bring STE(A)M topics to life for children and young people. Based around themes such as renewable energy, engineering, art and design and construction, SYHA can offer a range of flexible programmes in a residential setting covering core areas of the Curriculum for Excellence starting from P6 to level 4.

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As part of our STE(A)M programmes we work in partnership with the Field Surveys Council, using their Opal Surveys as a learning tool. The surveys are designed to help young people learn more about the state of our environment and focus on topics such as; soil, air, water, biodiversity and climate. 

SYHA are also pleased to work in partnership with John Muir Trust. By spending time enjoying and getting to know a new wild place in Scotland, young people are able to contribute towards achieving a John Muir Award. We can support teachers with an adaptable programme suitable for each level using fully qualified external instructors, or the facilities for a self led programme.

Opal & John Muir

Our STE(A)M in the Country and STE(A)M in the City programmes offer a low cost residential, teacher-led experience. Whether you are looking to provide a city based trip where young people can immerse themselves in culture and visit a wide range of museums and art galleries. Or if you want to give a group of young people their first experience of exploring a Scottish National Park, our specifically created programmes can help you achieve this. 

Interested in learning outside the classroom? Have a look at our STEM Itineraries and Curriculum Benefits (pdf).


Affordable Residential Adventures

It is widely recognised that young people benefit from outdoor residential experiences. Residential visits help young people develop their social and decision-making skills by giving them opportunities to live more independently alongside others, learn new social skills, make decisions and share their free time.

The residential experiences incorporate many areas of the Curriculum for Excellence, encourage the development of transdisciplinary skills and supports teachers to bridge the attainment gap.

We also work with our partners Grounds for Learning to ensure that young people have the opportunity to learn through Scottish landscapes, connect with nature and become more active, all while having fun.

To download a copy of our School Trips Brochure, please click the image below:

School Trips

Curriculum for Excellence

All children and young people in Scotland are now expected to regularly access their learning through experience of the outdoors. Curriculum for Excellence indicates that outdoor learning experiences are best delivered through a combination of school-based outdoor learning and residential programmes.

The curriculum says that spending time away from home gives children and young people opportunities to develop:

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SYHA Youth Active Grants

SYHA Youth Active Grants offer a part funding opportunity towards school and youth groups staying at any SYHA location. Many young people living in a rural location have never had the opportunity to stay in a city location, a place they may consider attending college or university later in life. On the other side many city residents have never had the experience of walking up a green hillside to get a full view of the loch; we want to help by offering an opportunity to do so.

Teachers and youth group leaders have seen a real, long term benefit to their young people taking part in an SYHA Youth Programme. Find out more here.

Tailored Packages and Exclusively Yours... RentaHostel

SYHA can tailor a full package to suit all requirements, including transport, catering and activities. Exclusively Yours is also available for groups to obtain exclusive use of one of SYHA’s youth hostels.

At each relevant youth hostel SYHA work in partnership with experienced and qualified outdoor activity providers who offer expertise and instruction in a whole range of team-building and problem-solving activities.

Find out more about our RentaHostel opportunities and download the brochure here.


Funded Opportunities: Give Us A Break

Our funded opportunities are open to all schools and youth groups who are working with young people affected by deprivation and social exclusion. Find out more about funding opportunities by visiting our Give Us A Break page.

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 Support for Leaders

Having worked with schools and youth groups for decades, SYHA Hostelling Scotland has a wealth of experience when it comes to understanding the needs of groups of youngsters - who may be away from home for the first time - and how best to support leaders.

Accommodation and Catering Packages

SYHA can offer accommodation and catering packages. Please contact us for further details.

Quality Assured

All SYHA activity providers are licensed by the Government's national Adventure Activities Licensing Authority (AALA), a mark of assurance that all safety precautions and measures are in place to ensure maximum safety and security for the group.

SYHA’s youth hostels are externally risk-assessed to current legal and best practice standards and graded by VisitScotland, so guests can be assured of good quality accommodation and service upon arrival.

Contact SYHA’s reservations team for more information or advice on 0345 293 7373 (Costs of calling an 0345 number will vary depending on your provider) or email