This adventurous trip will allow you to trek from Fort William, in the heart of the Highlands, to Cape Wrath, all the way to the north west tip of the UK mainland. During the trek you will travel 225 miles through beautiful Scottish landscapes and ever-changing vistas in one-day stages.

Led by a qualified and experience guide from our partner C-N-Do Scotland, you will take a route of incomparable contrasts. You will find yourself travelling through wild passes, vast glens, along stunning coastlines and between breathtaking mountains.

Along the way there will be the opportunity for wildlife spotting as you pass through habitats where you would not be surprised to see creatures like red deer, golden eagles, ptarmigan, otters, seals and basking sharks (to name a few).

If you are interested in the trip but are worried 18 nights is a little too long for you, we provide the option of completing either the North or South portion of the trip only.

Cape Wrath Trail South

Very achievable, definitely adventurous, continuous trek from Fort William in the heart of the Highlands, to Ullapool, 130 miles into this 225 miles’ route; fascinating wild landscapes and ever-changing vistas in 10 one day stages. It's hard to believe there's so much wild, untamed terrain in the UK. Hopefully you’ll return to do the rest some other time.

Cape Wrath Trail North

The northern section of this very achievable, definitely adventurous, continuous trek covers the 90 mile Ullapool to Cape Wrath portion. Great as a stand-alone holiday or to conclude unfinished business.


Great Glen Hostel

Ratagan Youth Hostel

Torridon Youth Hostel

Ullapool Youth Hostel

Achmelvich Beach Youth Hostel

Durness Smoo Youth Hostel


Mini-bus from and back to Stirling and throughout.

Our partners C-N-Do Scotland. Partnership working for over 30 years.

In early 1984, Margaret Porter and Dorothy Breckenridge established C-N-Do Scotland. Combining years of experience and eternal enthusiasm for the Scottish outdoors and the philosophy of Goethe inspired us to share our enthusiasm for and love of the wildlife, natural beauty and landscapes of Scotland. If we "can do these walks then just about anyone can do them as well" - and so it has been proved by the many hundreds and hundreds we have introduced to this lifelong addiction (but a healthy one mind you!).