The Isle of Skye or ‘winged island’, with its 300 mile coastline, is one of those places that inspires with its, at times, savage natural beauty, its history and wildlife. Also known as the Misty Island (Eilean a’ Cheò), its pervading Gaelic culture gives a character that is quite different. The whole combination draws one back again and again.

This wild and rugged walk from north to south, some 80 odd miles, is constantly fascinating, regularly challenging, and never boring. It will provide memories to last a lifetime.


Flodigarry Hostel

Broadford Youth Hostel


Mini-bus from and back to Stirling and throughout.

Our partners C-N-Do Scotland. Partnership working for over 30 years.

In early 1984, Margaret Porter and Dorothy Breckenridge established C-N-Do Scotland. Combining years of experience and eternal enthusiasm for the Scottish outdoors and the philosophy of Goethe inspired us to share our enthusiasm for and love of the wildlife, natural beauty and landscapes of Scotland. If we "can do these walks then just about anyone can do them as well" - and so it has been proved by the many hundreds and hundreds we have introduced to this lifelong addiction (but a healthy one mind you!).